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Originally Posted by kilojoule View Post
have you got a good book for tomorrow? or something to distract you ? wait why do you want to go to hospital?
I actually ended up going with them. Thanks joule I need to actively start addressing my anxiety issues but it feels overwhelming and confusing.

I went to visit my stepsister who I haven't seen since I was a kid. She lives in a rural area fairly far from where I live and it's been so nice to not be in a city. My sisters have a much closer relationship with her than I do so I'm a little uncomfortable but overall it's been fun so far.
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Old 4 Hours Ago
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Originally Posted by BlueDays View Post
I think that is a great idea, joule. Good luck, I hope you get the help you need right now.

thanks blue

I'm going to give it a bit of time so I can figure out exactly what to say to the gp. I want to go in on a day when my mood is calm and theres no big stresses hanging over me. I might wait a couple months til my next exams are over.

I have been down but theres been big changes in my life so being sad at the moment makes sense. I have lots of projects to distract myself with and I go walking and get out and that does help.

Its times where I feel like my brain is totally overstimulated and I feel like Im on something that I struggle with. When this is going on I can't think about anything that is even slightly stressful (good or bad stress) I always try to balance my reactions to things but my friend (Dean) has said to me for about 2 years that he thinks theres something there I need to address and no matter how much I fight him on it, ....underneath I know he's right

Lately probably due to big changes in my life Im very sad but its ok.

I've been giving it thought the last while and I do think its more than anxiety and it might be something hereditory. My grandmother committed suicide at about my age and my mother was committed when she was younger than I am now though I don't know why. I only discovered any of this after my mother died so there isn't anyone I can ask.

I'm being objective about it or at least trying. I've decided that its probably true that most people don't feel how I do and I think I would like to be like them. I think its worth looking into if that might be possible.
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