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Default Re: How do you live with Agoraphobia?

Originally Posted by Nack View Post
My question for you guys is are you guys even thinking about all those accumulating tuition fees that are building up because of fail classes? I'm only on my 2nd year of college and i'm already afraid. I'm also thinking about going to University after my AAS, but I don't know if i should. My family is rather poor and we're basically living off i have to put a limit somewhere. I go to college for the chances to meet new people, not for the degree... Isn't that a bit selfish?
Failures happen. I know I'm going to graduate, so in the end it'll all be worth it. And I'll be the one paying off the loans in the long run. I'd feel the worse if I just stopped and quit because it got tough. And in this day and age, living without a college degree isn't as acceptable as it use to be.

Now as for you going to college on your parent's dime just to socialize, not caring at all about getting a degree...........well...........that's a problem. I'd feel guilty as sin if those were my intentions. There are so many other cheap/free ways to be around people in order to socialize.

There's a difference between being ALONE and being LONELY.

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