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Old 03-22-2008  
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Default No job for 2 years after graduation

I graduated a university with degree in Computing Science and had no job for the last past 2 years. That's right....2 years.

I graduated in June 2006, stayed overseas until November, 2006, and been having no job since then. In fact, I didn't even try to get a job.

Now, with proper treatment, I feel better. I think I can start my career again! But what do I say when I'm asked about what I did after graduation? All I did was some tutoring to high school students.

Should I tell them the fact that I was sick. I'm going to ask what to do to my doctor but I'd like to ask you too if any of you has any experience like me.

Thank you for reading
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Old 03-22-2008  
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You can always say that you'd do whatever came along to pay the bills, as in, non-contractual 'jobs' by people or companies who needed someone with your knowledge for something non-permanent and so forth. There are always things you can come up with to prevent saying that you basically did nothing.
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Old 03-23-2008  
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no matter who you are or how long of a break you took this question will almost always be asked. really the key in interviews is to show them that you can answer tough questions well so just come up with a fairly elegant response even if the answer is essentially "nothing". Fortunately you are a computer science major so social abilities are not all that high on the list of requirements. I myself am a computer engineer and believe me i see some freaks working out here - including myself. social skills definitely help get a good job but you can definitely find a job with your strong degree it just takes some effort. as far as enjoying the job...good luck.
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Old 03-23-2008  
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Do what I do with my resume: lie, stretch the truth, change dates, etc. What really matters is that you want to work and you have the skills to do it, everything else is negotiable. Tell them you took some time off to help your parents in their business (or some similar line of bullshit). You don't owe them the truth, matter of fact you don't owe them anything until they give you a job, then do your best.
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Old 03-23-2008  
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I graduated in May 2007- and I haven't applied for any jobs that pertain to my degree yet (psychology). I have been working in retail. I think it's pure laziness sprinkled with some anxiety (I think I would have a weak resume, so I haven't even attempted because it gets me too worried.) But, you just have to milk your pluses. I would mention your tutoring.

I don't know if companies would like this, but I sure do. Make it seem like it was a period of self-discovery for you. Perhaps tell them you took some classes, did some research about your field of study or whatever else interests you, and that you wanted to do some volunteering first.
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Old 03-23-2008  
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yeah, don't worry about it. Loads of people go travelling after they graduate for a year or so, at least you did something "work related" as in tutoring. Just say you did freelance work or something, that's what I did after I graduated, I didn't have a proper full time job for about a year and a half after i graduated. keep it real man
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Old 03-24-2008  
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Well I have been looking for a job for 1 year and 1/2, no luck, previously I worked for a company for 7 years and they relocated to a different state, now I can not find a job because I am afraid of meeting new people.
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