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Old 07-26-2010
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Hi guys. I'm 19 and I still haven't gotten my permit. I went once about a month ago and failed the test. Then I went back a couple weeks ago and failed again. I've been studying but I really don't even want to go back because I'm so scared of driving. The only reason I've taken the test is because my mom is making me. (I still live at home)
All I can think about is how ADD I am and how I'll probably end up crashing and not knowing what to do on the road. And of course my anxiety. Driving is a big deal, and the idea of driving out on busy roads and high ways.. it makes me panic just thinking of it.
Did any of you feel this way before you started driving? Did you get over it? Do you still feel like this?
I really don't see how I'm ever going to drive.
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Old 07-26-2010

Hi, for years I was terrified of driving also. It was so bad, I'd nearly have a panic attack if I just drove around the block, lol. The only thing that helped me was forcing myself to get behind the wheel and drive a little bit further every day. It really does get easier with time. I still get very tense in heavy traffic or on busy highways, but I'm sure that will eventually go away as well.

It probably seems really hard now, but I really do believe you'll be able to overcome it.
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Old 07-26-2010

I was actually pretty scared of driving when I first started. I still don't feel quite that comfortable when I have passengers, but I can do it. The only thing that helped me was taking it slow. Like I started practicing on back roads or when traffic was really low. That way I got used to the feel of being in control of a car. Plus I didn't let the more aggressive drivers pressure me, if I wanted to do the speed limit I got in the slow lane and if people wanted to ride my bumper and not go around, well thats their problem. So pretty much now I'm over the fear of driving, but I still hate merging with traffic lol. Hope that helps.
Old 07-26-2010
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Please tell me if any of you are planning a trip to northeastern Wisconsin.

I need to update my insurance.
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Old 07-26-2010
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driving is scary .... but once you master it and have been driving for a while its ok .. i was in a car with my mates years ago and he decided to race some nutter who overtook us doing 100 miles an hour we ended up in a ditch upside down , the police got involved and evreything gazza lost his cool that day i can tell you .... but dont do that and you will be fine lol
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Old 07-26-2010

I was terrified of driving too.. Actually started three times (in a few years) and only finished/got the licence third time.. At first I just wanted to know how to drive in case of an emergency or such.. The first two instructors (and my Mom) were too impatient!! I had to take the test a few times and only succeeded the 4th time
(I did a lot of EFT, TAT, CBT-journalling and praying, I think! And had a very friendly sympathetic female instructor!! I was told female instructors are better and mine was awesome!!)

Also, I realized I had non-verbal learning difficulties and actually took notes!! (Of what I did wrong or couldn't remember or what to do better next time.. or actual routes/signs/crossroads..) What is your learning style? How do you learn best? I'm very visual/kinaesthetic and if someone just 'tells' me something it's likely I won't remember it.. It's much better if I write it down or draw it.. With COLORS!!

I've heard of people who only succeeded the 10th time - but have the licence now!! (If only to drive down familiar local routes..) And yes I almost had a nervous breakdown after each time I failed lol.. A musician/conductor later told me he failed and only made it 4th time too.. Actually he took it as a sign of creativity and music talent that I did too!! lol!

Afterwards, I usually had a family member in the car to feel 'safer' and they could help remind me of signs and such.. (or what to do in complex crossroads)

I don't drive much these days, I've misplaced my driving licence (I think partly on purpose at the time, cause I didn't want to drive, partly cause I felt my eyesight/glasses were a bit iffy at the time - and haven't been able to find it yet!!)

Soo.. can you just get the driving license and then you don't have to drive at all? (It will just get your Mom off your back-??)
Can you drive with a sympathetic friend or relative (someone who doesn't freak out?) down VERY simple country lanes or such?

I now wish I could find my licence and drive again!! (But ideally with my own car where a bump or such wouldn't be a problem - a friend said she and her bro had a car just for this purpose, when they first started driving!)

Also, the more times you've failed the better you are likely to drive then! (You learn inbetween!) The said friend passed in the first go and had a (tiny) crash the first weekend she was out! Just knowing you need to be careful can make you drive more safely and more carefully!! She then practised a lot and now drives quite well too.. (and I think she may have had some ADD too..??)

There are natural means to combat ADD anyway! (Nutrition, exercise, lifestyle changes etc!)
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Old 07-26-2010

I didn't get my license till I was 20, I had planned on getting it early like everyone else but I had a few traumatic experiences every time I tried to practice. The first time I ever got behind the wheel I spent about 15 minutes driving 20 MpH with my driving instructor around some suburbs, then when we started going further away from the quiet areas I started to get more panicky and to top it all off he started talking on his cellphone when we got to the traffic heart of downtown. I remember one of the key stress moments was when I wasn't sure where to stop at one of those traffic lights where a train track goes right through where you would normally, I panicked a little and asked my driving instructor, and his repose was "You're the driver!"

Then when I got my first car, it was a manual transmission with a clutch that didn't work quite right, you can imagine how stressful it was to worry about not killing the engine in the middle of traffic.
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Old 07-26-2010
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I remember feeling like that before I started driving, it gets better once you practice driving and increase your confidence though.

I did get kind of scared when it came to the driving tests as well but I think that was because of the pressure that you're put under in that situation, the only way I passed in the end was by using anxiety medication. Once that pressure is lifted diving actually became quite fun (well, once I got used to driving on my own).

If I were you I'd practice a lot before taking the test again so that you feel more comfortable with driving, plus you could maybe take some medication before the test if it's your nerves affecting how you drive then.
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Old 07-29-2010

I got my license in my early 20's. It sucked having to be surrounded by teenagers in driving school, but I just went with the flow. And the driving tests terrified me. It took 3 times for me to pass. After some time, my fear of driving slowly decreased, but I still lack confidence. I hate driving because I'm still not a great driver even after a couple of years, I don't like aggressive drivers who don't follow basic driving etiquette (even though I'm an angry driver myself), and I don't like the wait during red lights (feeling paranoid that I'm being watched). I still drive, but only on local roads to do basic chores or pick up my mother from work. I've only been on the highway once and I avoid difficult parking spaces. I'm also very picky on what kind of car I feel most comfortable driving in. I can't just drive somebody else's car even in an emergency. I only like driving because it prevents me from riding the crowded buses and metro trains...heheh.
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Old 07-29-2010

I get my license at the age of 25. All my friends get their license at the age of 17. After getting my license i did not drive or touch the car for 2 year. I was so scare that i'll kill someone with it. I hate it. What the the point of getting a license if i' m not going to drive at all? So, i ask my parent to tag along for 2 week driving around town. Each time almost end up in accident but lucky me... narrowly escaped. Now, i don't feel nervous or scare. Just believe in yourself. You can do it. It's better to get ur license early than later on.
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Old 07-29-2010
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I'm learning to drive right now. But biking on the streets is nearly the same. But your responsibilties will raise. I love to drive so the anxiety calms down.
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Old 07-29-2010

I just got my license about a monthe ago and I'm 23

Driving is super easy... the hard part was having to be with a stranger in the car for 15-20 minutes. I guess what helped me is that I concentrated more on the driving than what the person was thinking of me. Afterall, I was there to drive not be judged
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Old 07-29-2010
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I'm sort of afraid to drive. I have a license, but never drive. After I passed the test, which I was so nervous durning, I only drove a few times, and the rest of the time my mom drove me. I only got the license in case I would ever need to drive. But people tell me not to be afraid, and remember I'm the one in control of the car when driving. We'll see...
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Old 07-29-2010
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Was terrified to get, yes. Was forced.
SPEED! First ticket, had to pay, second one, messed up writting - no payment needed. Watch for the sneaky motorcycle coppers.

Faster = better. If only could afford a speed boat.
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Old 07-29-2010
Luke1993's Avatar
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I don't think I could ever drive because it seems very complicated. Right now I'm too scared to cycle on the streets with my bike but I want to use that as my method of transport so I'm trying to "conquer" that first!

I also don't think I could ever afford a car
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Old 07-29-2010
dooby-duck's Avatar
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When I first started driving I did find it pretty scary, but now I've been driving for many years I'm mostly fine with it. I found that the more experience I got the calmer I became. I work in a garage so have driven thousands of different cars and vans.
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Old 07-29-2010
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I didn't get my license until about three weeks before I turned 20, and only then because my grandmother drove me to the DMV and wouldn't let me leave until I tried.

It was very nerve-racking at first, but once I got used to it, I felt like and still feel like it's the best thing I ever did.

It's freedom.
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Old 07-29-2010
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I failed my first driving test as well. 8 weeks later I got a flawless result on the second driving test. Your life will improve once you get your license.
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Old 07-29-2010
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I'm learning to drive at the moment and am so glad to read that being a nervous driver is normal for a social phobia sufferer.

I'm learning in an automatic, far less stressful than the manual.
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Old 07-29-2010
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Originally Posted by lolabeau View Post
I'm learning to drive at the moment and am so glad to read that being a nervous driver is normal for a social phobia sufferer.

I'm learning in an automatic, far less stressful than the manual.
Far more expensive as well. Not to mention that a car with an automatic gearbox is slower than a car with a manual gearbox.
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