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Old 02-25-2010  

Default What it feels like to have a panic attack.

Panic attacks are really scary, They can inter fear with any daily activities at any time.They make you feel like your going to die/Faint or make you feel like your going really crazy.
Here a some symptoms you feel while you having a panic attack
.You feel like your going to faint/Pass out/light headed
.Heart races
.Feel like your going to die.
These are just some symptoms.
For me I feel really light headed/I get hot and cold flushes and get really dizzy, And my heart races and I get a tight chest.I get teased about it sometimes and people think its weird and sometimes laugh and tell me to do something or move away.And I dont have any friends because they are scared that I might have one and they dont know what to do, They best thing to do is clam the person down, Talk to them get them to take deep slow breaths and try to get on quickly without huge fuss.
When I have one I just sit down and breathe, Thats my best option.
Thank you for reading.Tills....
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Old 04-03-2010  
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Default Re: What it feels like to have a panic attack.

I feel sick to my stomach, shaking all over and the only thing you can really do to end it, is to get your mind off of how really bad you feel.
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Old 04-03-2010  
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Default Re: What it feels like to have a panic attack.

I feel very veryyyyyyy anxious, my stomach feels sick, I usually start to cry a bit, occasionally I have heart palpitations, and my negative thoughts reaaaaally start to kick in. I basically feel like life is over. Impending doom feeling, I guess you'd call it.

Oh, I also get shaky.

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Old 04-04-2010  
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Default Re: What it feels like to have a panic attack.

Ride a roller coaster and then breathe through a straw. Oh, and, make sure everyone is watching.
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Old 04-04-2010  
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Default Re: What it feels like to have a panic attack.

My heart starts beating very fast, so fast I can feel it in my head. My breathing becomes erratic & sometimes I can barely breathe at all. I feel like I'm going to pass out, faint, or have a heart attack. I feel like the whole world is caving in on me. It's a terrible, horrible feeling. It's even worse when it happens in public.

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” _Dr. Theodor Seuss Geisel
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Old 04-04-2010  
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Default Re: What it feels like to have a panic attack.

Heart starts beating fast, start getting 10 times hotter. Find it hard to breathe, shaking, dizzyness, feel like im going to be sick. If i let it past i get tingles all through my arm and hand its weird.

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Old 04-04-2010  
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Default Re: What it feels like to have a panic attack.

I don't know if it's panic attacks but when I get mad and fight I start shaking badly.
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Old 04-20-2010  
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Default Re: What it feels like to have a panic attack.

(Warning: long)

Originally Posted by anomicdeer View Post
I don't know if it's panic attacks but when I get mad and fight I start shaking badly.
The same happens to me when I fight (verbally), but in my opinion it's just the body responding to a very stressful situation. Panic usually implies feelings of fear: either fear causing the physical symptoms, or the physical symptoms causing you to fear.

In my case it's always the latter. First time I had a panic attack it was in one day of November when I had a bit more coffee than I'm used to. I felt a bit shaky and my heart beating faster, but I thought it's the coffee, it will go away (and it did), so I went out for half hour. After I came back, and settled in front of my computer, right in the middle of an email my heart started to race, I started to shake like I was electrocuted, I was feeling too cold and too hot alternatively and all I could think was that I was having a heart attack and I would die alone, nobody noticing until late in the evening when it would be too late. Being a smoker made this for a very plausible conclusion. I phoned my BF and my dad but that half hour until someone actually arrived seemed like a year.

Anyway, back to the topic. As I read on the Internet, the symptoms of a PA can vary from person to person, some being more usual. My physical symptoms are among these:
- increased heart rate (130 or more)
- sometimes the heart beats very strong (I feel the pounding in my neck) or it skips a beat, or has an extra-beat - which alone is an unsettling feeling, according to the cardiologist that I saw in order to make sure there's nothing wrong with my heart
- my whole body trembles
- a feeling like something heavy is set on my chest, or like a too tight embrace, which makes me take deep breaths in hopes to release the pressure
- I feel as if my breath is useless, as if I'm not getting enough air, although breathing faster or deeper doesn't help (only would make me dizzy/hyperventilated)
- hot/cold flashes
- if my body doesn't shake, then it feels tight and i can't stop from straining/stretching my muscles, either from legs or hands; if I'm laying in bed then I fidget and can't stay horizontally for long; if I'm up, I tend to bend forward and prop with my hands on my upper legs like the gallows
- lately during the PAs all my skin hurts at a light massage (not sore like a rash, but more like after you stretch your hair in a too tight ponytail or you change the usual ponytail position)
- sometimes dizziness, but rarely and lasts only a couple of seconds
- going to pee very often
- no patience to concentrate on other things like talking/listening on the phone

As for my mind:

- First I must say that for me the PAs take long, sometimes till 6 hours, sometimes I have one in the morning and a second in the evening, often they occur after eating or before going out. I only had 3 full blown (I ended in ER each time, where a calcium shot helped calm me down), but some less intense or with only a couple of the symptoms I had almost every day. This made me cherish every day that went without that feeling of pressure on my chest, but also made me cry more often, especially during the late night PAs when I'm very tired and tense and I want to sleep so all I can think of is that I can't stand this anymore. On the good side, crying helped lighten the pressure.

- Strangely I never felt any fear before a PA, only after it starts, and of course because my thoughts were usually: "I'm going to die", "nobody believes how bad and real this is" or "these doctors are no good, I am suffering of something else that will be discovered only at my autopsy!"
Note: I said "my thoughts were" because when I started to look on the Internet for more information about panic, I found that from 10-15 usual symptoms I had around 8-10 and then I went to forums and discovered so many people having the same problems - this had more positive effect on me than anything that the doctors said, and finally convinced me that my problem is indeed a panic disorder, not some "House MD" subject I found it hard to believe because I have a normal family, I am not stressed and my problems exist (who doesn't have problems?) but are nothing out of the ordinary.

- Last but not least this had impact in my behaviour too. Because I wasn't convinced of the diagnosis and wasn't even able to properly describe what I felt (there was no actual pain), I kept paying attention to every little unusual symptom. I started to be always en garde for any signs of of another PA coming up - yes, more worries. But the worst was that I started to avoid staying alone (I had less PAs when I'm talking to people, even strangers), going out alone, or going out anyhow. And when I went out, I always made sure that I have with me my cell phone and my pills (a light sedative recommended by my GP for the hard times), although I still have the impression that the pills have more a placebo than a real effect.

As I said above, reading about other people's experiences was for me as moral-lifting as a revelation, so I hope that this extensive list will be not only boring but also maybe helpful to someone.

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Old 08-31-2010  
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Default Re: What it feels like to have a panic attack.

I get a tight chest, racing heart, nausea, lightheadedness, feel like I'm going to pass out, I can't think straight and I either get really fidgety and pace or all I want is for everything to stop and it takes everything I have to not curl up somewhere quiet and cry.

But the worst part - Does anyone else get this? - is that afterwards I get extremely depressed. I've had issues with depression for almost 6 years, but after an attack everything gets worse. It's not unusual for me to end up cutting myself after an attack, even though normally I can resist those issues easily.
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Old 08-31-2010  
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Default Re: What it feels like to have a panic attack.

~My chest tightens
~My breathing gets quick and shallow
~My heart starts beating hard enough that I'm surprised people can't hear it
~Nervous twitches, usually shaking my hands
~Trying hard to resist crying yet always being surprised when tears start rolling down my cheeks
~Anxious enough so that I feel like I've just been surprised by a very large, very mad bear stalking me (or other like examples)
~I break into nervous sweats and get terrible chills
~I get a hundred thoughts going through my head yet whenever I try to speak I either babble incoherently or stand there silently looking like a loon with my mouth hanging open
~If it goes on for long enough, I get dizzy and rarely black out if I don't sit down fast

I don't get them too often thankfully but I dread the times that they pop up. The worst part for me is the feeling that the next corner you 'round, the End Of The World is going to jump out at you and shout BOO.

@Jackiechanliness: I almost always get depressed afterwards too, though I always try extremely hard to stave it off until I get somewhere quiet and be on my own. I'm sorry to hear that yours is bad enough to trigger cutting -- just remember to find something great and positive to focus on, if it'll help at all.
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