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Old 09-03-2009  
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Default Why are some people such ****s?

So, I work as a vendor and deliver pretzels and chips to grocery stores. Most of the mangers are fine except one. These two managers at this store are the biggest a**holes ever! It's to the point where I dread going to this store cause I know something will happen and they will bi*tch at me. I get really nervous and it ruins my day. I honestly wish these people would drop dead so I wouldn't have to see their ugly faces again. I don't understand why some people feel the need to make others feel like shi*. If they would just work with me instead of yelling and being di*cks, things would be ok, but no, they have to make things tough. Has anyone been forced to work with people like this? How did you make it day after day?
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Old 09-03-2009  
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Default Re: Why are some people such ****s?

There are nice people and ****s everywhere out there. Even in my own family exists both, my mum a nice person and my father, a ****.
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Old 09-03-2009  
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Default Re: Why are some people such ****s?

Don't even sweat it with that type.

Those are the type of people who decided they were gonna be ****s, regardless of who you were in the first place. They go around life alienating people and it does not matter what kind of person you are, wether great or bad, they just get pleasure from treating you like shit. The kinds of people that make friends with them are usually nasty types who are 1) just like them, can only make friends with other hostile, unreasonable people. and 2) people who are afraid of them and so try to be like them. If you can't beat em join em types.

Those types are all around society, they're the ****s who cause companies to crumble, they forget that employees are also customers, and eventually those companies go bankrupt. Right away you may not see the results, but in the long run it shows.

The people who are the real pillars of the earth, are all courteous, polite, friendly and enduring types of the world. They persist pass the BS of the ****s, while making many friends along the way: True friends, friends worth having, that's how the world stays sane... and yes sometimes the ****s convert into good people too and they see their mistakes, or they perish in the squaller tha they created, they get backstabbed by friends who don't need them anymore, and they will end up nagging about how the world is unfair, whilst forgetting all the bad things they ever did to anybody else. Because those guys never believe that they are as bad as other people perceived them to be.

Many times the ****s are that way because they are being defensive, they feel threatened by people who seem more resilient.

Trust me, those guys will not win. You just can't get through life being that way, without racking up a bunch of bad karma: alienating people, creating friendships with unreasonable people can really get you into trouble, if they're that way with you, they've already messed up their reputation that much, because you know them to be that way, and you're gonna tell somebody else and then it'll exist out there that those people were ******* ****s.
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Old 09-04-2009  
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Default Re: Why are some people such ****s?

Originally Posted by froghat View Post
I don't understand why some people feel the need to make others feel like shi*
it probably makes them feel less shi**y
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Old 09-04-2009  
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Default Re: Why are some people such ****s?

throughout my time, iv come across manny ppl that think/believe that there just better and therefore have big heads. Ignoring them want work. In a workplace it is impossible to not take note of one and other.

I myslf had problems at my old work, were the days there was no one elce working the **** at my workplace would now be kind, other days when there were more ppl at work, the **** would now be a ****.
*putting me down
*tease and call names
u name it

but coming back to my point.
just like "Livingwithoutlivin" said.

thats totally how they are and how they think...

what i did to over come this is>

stand up and don't stand down.

speack for whats right/ talk with a little more pride with yourself, because if u give them an opportunity...they use it to abuse you...
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Old 09-04-2009  
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Default Re: Why are some people such ****s?

Some people just do things that way. It doesn't mean they're necessarily ****s (though it does seem that way to a person with SA). It's just that they're used to a more rough and ready, real-world approach. Again, I totally understand that it can be rough to digest, I've struggled with it a lot myself, but there are a number of folks who just handle life in a businesslike fashion. It's a case of growing some thicker skin and realizing that none of it's personal.
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Old 09-04-2009  
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Default Re: Why are some people such ****s?

It doesn't matter what job you do, or who you are, there will always be ****s. One thing I know for certain though is to never take it personally. It's not about you, it's about them. I gaurantee you you're not the only person who experiences this from 'them'. I've seen it time and time again with myself. I think someone is singleling me out and being a real A-hole towards me, only to witness this individual later treating someone else the exact same way. It's just who they are, it has nothing to do with you. Until they realize it in themeselves, they won't change. They'll eventually get it one day, but the key thing to remember is to not take it personally. Just give them a pretzel and a smile, haha.

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Old 09-04-2009  
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Default Re: Why are some people such ****s?

there are ****s everywhere mate sadly, i think its just in their nature...they normally play the victim for being a **** to you so everyone feels sorry for them...personally i think most folk with a grain of intelligence can see through them and see them for what they really are...****s tend to be manipulative....singling out just you but making out its just a joke to everyone else...personally i think all ****s can go die in a ditch !

When you softly kiss someone you truly love and you close your eyes at the same time you both see shooting stars....
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Old 09-04-2009  
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Default Re: Why are some people such ****s?

Some people aren't happy unless they are bringing everyone else down with them. It's them with the problem and they often bring problems on to themselves through the way they treat people. I suppose you just have to be professional with them. Do your job and try to ignore their personal anger problems. You can't please everyone, and some people wont allow you to please them.
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Old 09-04-2009  
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Default Re: Why are some people such ****s?

One thing that might help you may be to not take their bull-shit personally. Some people have no tact when dealing with others. Maybe they feel that the only way to get things done is to yell and be *******s. They probably don't have anything against you they're just idiots who don't know how to work with people. Their behavior is not professional though and you might want to let them know that it is absolutely inappropriate of them to raise their voices to you. You do not have to take their abusiveness and have a right to complain.
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